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1. a central hall or court in a building

2. each of two upper cavities of the heart

College student Amaranth ("Amie") was fired from her job at the library after making a major mistake, and she has been rejected from all the jobs she applied for ever since. When Amie is spontaneously offered a part-time job at Heartful Flowers, a small flower shop near her college, she accepts without much hesitation. Little does Amie know that the small shop's atrium conceals a big secret…

a(t)rium is a project by Studio Dipper. The game is Pay-What-You-Want, and it can be downloaded for free.

The current version was created over the course of a month (and a few extra days) for the NaNoRenO 2017 game jam. An updated demo version is tentatively scheduled for summer 2017, and the full game is scheduled for late 2017 or sometime in 2018.

watch for updates at:

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  • a protagonist who frequently jumps to conclusions
  • 3 questionable love interests
  • 4.7k words (15-30 minutes of playtime)
  • no choices, sorry!
  • 4 sprites with 150+ expressions between them
  • 3 backgrounds
  • 2 original music tracks
  • phone feature with a notification system
  • a whole month's worth of tears from Alcor


  • PRODUCED by Studio Dipper (Alcor's solo studio)
  • WRITTEN by Alcor
  • CHARACTER ART by Alcor
  • BACKGROUNDS by Alcor
  • MUSIC WRITTEN by Alcor and ARRANGED by Caelem
  • GUI DESIGN by Alcor
  • PROGRAMMED by Alcor, with HELP from Windchimes
  • MADE USING the Ren'Py Engine


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a(t)rium (demo): PC VERSION 64 MB
a(t)rium (demo): MAC VERSION 49 MB


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Just finished the demo! There's something very peaceful/cozy about the mechanics and storyline and characters, but I get the feeling that there's more to the concept that I think...right???

The MC is adorable (thinking about what she was gonna cook :) very relatable), as are the three LIs. Wanted to slap Kennith, but I have hope yet for him. ^.^ I also liked the phone feature a lot; it was so simply, but having the character profiles available and clicking through photos and emails was incredibly satisfying. And as a graphic designer myself I enjoyed reading the commentary on the website hahaha.

Of course, the art style was so pleasant and..cuddly? Is that a proper descriptive term? Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo, and I'm looking forward to future updates! Great job guys. <3

Thank you for giving this demo a try, and for leaving a comment! I'm really happy to hear from a fellow designer, and I'm glad you enjoyed the interface features and the art overall.

As far as whether there's more to the concept, there will hopefully be an updated sometime this summer (probably late summer), so I hope you'll give that a try then. Hopefully Kennith will be less abrasive then, too (probably not, he's just a jerk)! :D

I haven't played this yet (it looks super cute tho!!), but I thought you should know, it got caught by my antivirus the last time I ran a scan :v ([DETECTION] Is the TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen Trojan)
(oh & it was the pc version)

Oh gosh, I'm sorry about that! I have no idea what that is or how it got there, but will definitely look into it. Thanks for letting me know!

ross is interesed in the lifespan of roses, huh? and fujimoto is written with the kanji for wisteria. amaranth is obvious, though I'm stumped about kennith. my first guess was chrysanthemums, though that seems like kind of a stretch. regardless, i'm going to hedge a bet and say they're all dryads, with Amaranth being one without knowing it... explaining Hisashi's interest in her.

don't think I didn't notice the sketchiness of your story, my man.

Anway, this is an awesome teaser. I don't understand how you got this done AND worked on Booksleeper at the same time. The writing is good, the characters are good, everything is so active because of all the expression changes, and I really like that Amaranth's expression changes during narration. I had never thought of doing that. Actually, I just like Amie in general. Her jumping to conclusions is really funny, and it makes the story pretty lighthearted and fun...

Which really matches the art style. Oh! And the art is so cohesive! Everything looks so good together! Ugh, I would pay good money for a finished version of this game. Is this going to be a commercial release? It really should be.

Good work. I'll be watching this.

Hello, Glitterbark, and thanks for giving this demo a try! I can't (shouldn't) say much about your guess (theory? hypothesis?) right now, but I'm very impressed by your detail to attention. I do tend to make puns out of character names, and I didn't expect anyone to catch the plant reference in Hisashi's. Bravo on that! I wonder if I was being TOO sketchy ahahahaahha

This game is planned to be PWYW (which I pretty much consider "free, but players can leave a tip if they want to"), haha. I'm not quite ready to go full-commercial yet, though I'm really honored you think that this could be!

I hope the next demo makes this story less sketchy :'D

Amie's facial expressions alone would make me play this. I really enjoyed the demo.

Haha, it's awesome to hear that you enjoyed the expressions! Thanks so much for giving this a try. :D

I played the demo for the game and I really liked it! I made a video showing my experience with it. The artwork for the backgrounds and characters is very well done. I also apperciate having the "phone" menu on the title screen to show off extras and profile information for the characters in the story. I wish you luck on the rest of the development for the game!

Thank you so much for your comment, and we're* glad to hear you enjoyed this short demo! The video is very much appreciated, actually, since it gives us* feedback on how players tend to interact with the game features; will definitely check it out soon :D

*I keep saying 'we' and 'us', but the studio is literally just me. Whoops.

Just wanted to say that I've watched the video, and I really enjoyed your commentary! Hearing your reactions as you continued through the game was really quite valuable to me as a game dev. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Thanks for watching and you're welcome! I hope it helps with the future development on the game in some small way.